10th Annual YCM Summit: Distributed Economy

About Distributed Economy

Distributed Economy explores the possibility of sustainable industrial development through a synergistic regional approach instead of large-scaled, centralised production that may be not be sustainable in the long-run.

The distributed economy is made up of network of relationships that allows small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to advance through information technology. Where government policies and strategies have failed, a distributed economy in contrast, doesn’t rely on a central system to boost productivity. Rather, it opens the doors for all entities within the network regardless of size or location, to innovation and growth.

With the emergence of technologies like blockchain, that allows free open-source information sharing, inclusive peer-2-peer sharing platforms and open access financial technolgies, the concept of a distributed economy is no longer a far fetched vision.



  • Keynote · 9:45AM

    A race against the machine

  • Flash Talk · 10:20AM

    An evolution of economies: From centralised, shared, to distributed

  • Flash Talk · 1:55PM

    An economy that works for everyone

  • Flash Talk · 2:20PM

    Blockchain: The world’s game changer?

  • Panel Discussion · 2:45PM

    Distributed economy: A sustainable engine for innovation?

  • Keynote · 4:10PM

    What’s next for young professionals?


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